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Day Training

You would like to have your dog trained, but are just too busy to spend a lot of time doing it.  And, since it’s so nice to be greeted with love and adoration from your pup when you come home, you don’t want to send him away for training.  


With Day Training, I will come to your home up to 4 times a week and train your dog for you.  Every few lessons, we will schedule a time to work together so that I can show you how to maintain the good behaviors your dog has learned.  Each training session is one hour.  You can be in the home doing other things while I train, or away at work.  This is a very flexible program great for busy professionals who cannot devote much time to training but still desire to have a well-mannered canine companion.

"I highly recommend Laurie; she is a very talented dog trainer who truly loves dogs.  She is trustworthy.  I have no problem having Laurie in my home for training sessions, even when I am not able to be there."

Jennifer J.

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