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Training - The more we enjoy something, the more we commit to it.  If training is drudgery, it can cause stress for you and your dog and, unfortunately, learning can then quickly fall by the wayside.  I strive to make training fun for both you and your dog.  If your dog enjoys his training time, he’ll remember what he’s learned and will want to do more…so will you!  I am committed to using force free, positive reinforcement methods in my training; methods you and your dog will both appreciate.  Whether your dog needs to learn basic good manners or you desire to teach tricks or skills needed to pursue sports with him, I want to help you.  I want to be your dog’s personal trainer and your personal coach!

"Laurie is a “dog whisperer!” Her love of dogs shows in everything she does and is why she bonds immediately with them. She has the full trust of my dog & he can’t wait to see her come for the next lesson!"
Kathy in E. Wenatchee
"We both had fun learning, Kloe and I had a great time and she loved to see Laurie coming for training. It was relaxed, positive and fun for us all."
Jan in Wenatchee
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