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Puppy Training (for puppies up to 4 months of age)

You are getting a new puppy or, perhaps you just brought a new puppy home…congratulations! You’ve thought of just about everything…what food to feed, food and water bowls, play toys, chew toys, beds, veterinary care, etc.  Don't forget about training!!   


If you haven’t yet brought your puppy home, I can help you prepare a solid training plan.  If you just brought your puppy home, now is the time to get started with training!  With private training, you can start at your scheduling convenience rather than having to meet the needs of a class schedule.  And, since most classes will not allow enrollment until your puppy has been vaccinated, you could be losing valuable training time. 

I will provide puppy training in the privacy and comfort of your home to work on basic behaviors such as Sit, Down, Come and Stay, in addition to helping you with house training, crate training and puppy handling exercises.  I will teach you how to get your puppy’s attention, no matter what is going on around him – a skill that is extremely valuable throughout the dog’s life!  We will address those annoying puppy behaviors such as jumping, whining and nipping.  I will also help you develop an appropriate and thoughtful socialization plan, a very critical component at this age in a puppy’s life.  Training at a very early age can go a long way to prevent problem behaviors in the future.  Since puppies can begin learning as early as 4 weeks of age, there is no reason to delay with their training. 


For you and your puppy’s best interest, don’t delay.  Let’s get started right away with this special, discounted package just for puppies up to 4 months of age.  The package includes five 1 hour weekly lessons for a total fee of $525.00 (a travel fee is added if more than 30 minutes away).  A consultation must first be completed.

Laurie came to help us with our 16 week old Weimaraner puppy.  We were ready to buy a "choke" chain, then Laurie came to the rescue!  We would highly recommend Laurie to anyone with a puppy.

Debbie D.

Laurie has provided superb training for our lab; we both look forward to her training sessions!

Jeane C.

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