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Behavior Modification

Does your dog pull when walking on a leash?  Does he “think about it” a bit too long when you call him to come?  Or, perhaps, he just doesn’t come at all.  Does he jump on you when you come home, or on your guests?  Does he beg at the dinner table or get “cranky” when you’re around his food bowl?  Perhaps your dog barks and/or lunges at other dogs or people on a walk?  Do these or other undesirable behaviors embarrass or concern you?


Schedule a consultation today and we will discuss all of your concerns and develop a training plan to address these behaviors.  Private lessons allow us to customize training needs specific to your dog’s environment – no “cookie cutter” training here!  Scheduling is flexible to accommodate your specific needs.  With private training, you and your dog benefit from 100% of the trainer’s attention, maximizing potential for behavior modification success.  This is especially critical for dogs that are timid or fearful around other dogs or people.

A consultation will take 90 minutes and is conducted in your home, for your convenience and your dog's comfort.  This comprehensive meeting will allow us to establish a solid training plan to meet your needs and help your dog.  The consultation fee is $165.00.

Upon completion of our consultation, we will establish an effective training plan to help your dog.  Each lesson is an hour long for a fee of $110.00 (a travel fee is added if more than 30 minutes away).


Schedule a consultation today and let's get started!

"Laurie is, without a doubt, the most positive person I know.  She understands dogs and has the patience to teach YOU how to help your dog." - Sharon W.

"Laurie taught me about positive reinforcement and clicker training and how to think about training differently than I had been.  I’m really pleased with the process and the results. And, the dogs really love her." - Nancy D.

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