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Learn how to train your dog to come when called, walk nicely on a leash, go to his bed when asked or greet your guests politely.  I will teach you how to train your dog to give you the behaviors you want quickly and reliably, in a very positive way.



My name is Laurie Dawson and I am a force-free dog trainer.  As a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, I am committed to training animals with positive reinforcement, utilizing a science-based training method (commonly known as “clicker training”).  I am a Certified Puppy Start Right Instructor, Fear Free Certified Professional and Licensed Be a Tree Presenter (focusing on dog bite prevention).  I am a member of the Pet Professional Guild and Association of Professional Dog Trainers.  I am also a certified instructor with the International Dog Parkour Association.  Each of these organizations promotes force-free, positive training methods that creates and enhances strong bonds between dogs and their human companions.


I am honored to have raised several puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind; the very first puppy went on to serve a visually impaired individual in the state of Oregon.  When he retired, he came back home to me and we trained to become a registered therapy team.  I have a dynamic multi-dog household and understand the nuances of working with varying personalities, needs and learning styles for dogs as well as their human companions! 


I enjoy training dogs of all ages, beginning with puppies 4 weeks of age through their senior years.  It is rewarding to not only teach them new behaviors, but to see just how much fun they have with the learning process...and how much fun their loving human companions have too!  With training provided in your home, at your scheduling convenience, there is no reason for delay.  Contact me today so we can get started with training right away!

See what my clients are saying.....

"Laurie has a rare passion for successful, positive training and strives to create understanding and cooperation between owner and dog."    


Ed Womack, DVM

Cascade Veterinary Clinic


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